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This is a projection of the Dow using daily data.  The projection (red line) begins on February 24, 2000 and goes to the present.


The following four Dow forecasts are in a slightly different format.  On the left is the projection, which begins where the vertical red cursor is placed.  The chart to the right is a bar chart of the Dow.  The cursor there corresponds to the date where the forecast begins.  You can visually compare the forecast with what prices actually did.  The chart immediately below shows a forecast that begins on January 4, 2002.


The next chart shows a forecast that began on March 18, 2002.


The next chart shows a forecast that began on May 1, 2002.


The final chart in this series shows a forecast that began on July 23, 2002.


This is a forecast of the Dow using monthly data.  This projection begins in 1974 and is nearly 20 years old.